🐝Buzzy Bees

Project Overview

This document will cover the Algorand NFT project Buzzy Bees.

Buzzy Bees is a community driven NFT project. There are 1000 Buzzy Bees minted plus Collaborations that are not a part of the main series!

Our goal is to help maintain our ecosystem, help support our Algo Community, and create a unique experience that is shaped directly through the decisions of you, The Hive. You will get exclusive access to future releases, and be eligible for giveaways! All main series Buzzy Bees get full commercial rights! 15% of Proceeds goes to Charity

Buzzy Bees Utility

  • Generate 10 Honey Weekly (Listed or Unlisted)

  • Reduces RaffleBees comission fees by 50%

  • Holding a Bee in your wallet allows your Raffles or Auctions to be "Featured" on RaffleBees

  • Donated 15% of Mint proceeds to Charity (Such as Bee Conservancy and Aide for Ukraine)

  • More to come...



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