Utility Token List

Subject to change

RaffleBees allows projects to have their ASA (with no LP) to be used for Raffles or Auctions

Project Tokens:

Honey Utility Token Project: Buzzy Bees Asset ID: 790791967

Shrimpies Shrimp Rewards Project: Yieldling | Ling Lings | MNGO | Mostly Frens Asset ID: 360019122

Oats Projects: Stupid Horse | 2iny Asset ID: 493895498

Hoot Token Projects: Aowl Gen 1 | Gen 2 | Baby Hoots Asset ID: 797382233

Poof Poof Project: Lundis | State Poofs Asset ID: 658399558

Shitty Kitty Treats Project: Shitty Kitty Asset ID: 796490640

Crumb Token Project: Crazy Goose Flock Asset ID: 751294723

Grub Token Project: Geko Fam Asset ID: 787168529

Blood Tokens Project: Lil Slashers Asset ID: 582816520

Temple Token Project: Lucky Liches Asset ID: 682318529

Squad Token Project: Goon Squad Asset ID: 708624210

Hash Project: Higher Ape Circle Asset ID: 883584774

Banana Chips Project: Apeshi | Banana Mint Asset ID: 418706707

Bite Coin Project: Lord Goodnight Asset ID: 875415272

LL Keys Project: Lemon Legion Asset ID: 625445476

Grocery Store Coupons Project: Grocery Store Game Asset ID: 281003266

Cursed Gold Project: Immortal Jolly Asset ID: 877451592

Arcadian Gold Coin Project: Arcadian Tales Asset ID: 654669653

Brute Coin Project: YBG | RBG Asset ID: 822482024

Biscuits Project: Pyrenees Pack Asset ID: 765722712

Batu Project: Algolem Asset ID: 881380094

ASS Project: DonkeyDao Asset ID: 818372984

Sweet Muffin Project: Waifus Asset ID: 790932174

Brontos Token Project: BrontosEYE Asset ID: 875537962

Jelly Project: Mingo xDPS Asset ID: 582345180

Aether Project: Bork Borks Asset ID: 853654911

Tundra Token Project: Algo Tundra Asset ID: 872497934

STAR Project: Algo All Stars Asset ID: 856439329

GUM Project: AlgoHans | FUMs Asset ID: 891455994

Yarn Project: AlgoKnit | lil Knit Asset ID: 878951062

Cream Project: Randy Cones Asset ID: 895780292

Stache Project: Nalgos | MOBs Asset ID: 893109155

More coming soon....

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