Please read

  • Upon creation of your raffle/auction, the NFT prize will be transferred into an escrow wallet.

  • You will be charged a rent fee, of 5.25 Algo. Once the raffle/auction is over 4.8 Algo will be refunded back to your wallet.

  • Upon creation of a raffle/auction 0.2 Algo will be kept for fees such as opting into assets and transaction fees. An additional 0.25 will kept for QOL updates and costs to keep the site running.

  • Raffles will continue whether or not you sell any raffle tickets.

  • The raffle/auction will be run for a minimum of 24 hours or 1 Day.

  • Watch out for Fake NFTs. Make sure to double check the Asset ID. You can click on the ID and it will redirect you to Rand Gallery for you to confirm the NFT is real.

  • Raffle Bees will take a 5% commission fee from ticket sales.

  • Buzzy Bee holders will get their commission fee cut by 50%. They will also be included on the Featured section of the home page.

  • Hive Keeper holders get their commission fee cut by 10% (up to 50%)

  • These fees will be sent directly back to the HIVE Community Wallet/ Community Vault for future giveaways.

  • Your NFT will be returned if there are not any ticket sales/bids.

  • Once a raffle/auction is created it CANNOT be edited or cancelled

  • Auctions have a anti-snipe feature. Any bid within the last 5 minutes of an auction ending extends the duration for another 5 minutes

  • Raffle Bees does not take any responsibility for promoting or marketing Raffles/Auctions or ASAs.

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