RaffleBees User Tips

This subpage will be used to share updates and new features added to RaffleBees. Each feature is added in attempt to help the user and provide utilty to the Buzzy Bee and Algorand Ecosystem. We will do our best to ensure that users are comfortable and enjoy using RaffleBees. Please make sure to read the DISCLAIMER

Safety Measures

  1. Check the Owner: See if they have a NFD. Click on the Wallet Address or NFD to view Algo Explorer or their profile.

  2. Participation: Click on Participants tab to view the current addresses that purchased raffle tickets. Click on Transactions tab to view the transaction ID, Date, Time, and how many raffle tickets were purchased.

  3. Verify the Asset ID: Check the Asset ID to make sure it has a Blue Checkmark. This means the collection was approved on Rand Gallery. When you click on the Asset ID it will redirect you to Rand Gallery, here you can double check to make sure the NFT is legit. Always double check the Asset ID.


  • Spend what you are comfortable parting with. Do not overcommit purchasing raffle tickets.

  • If you find yourself not having fun or enjoying the site, take a break

  • Understand probability and that you may not win the NFT, unless you the entire ticket supply.

  • Buy tickets to a NFT you would like to have.

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