Hive Keepers

Companion NFT

It doesn't get lonely when you're with the Hive. Buzzy Bees Hive Keepers is a companion NFT for your Buzzy Bee. Your bee colony helped build these hives. That is why every holder will get theirs for free. (You only pay the transaction fee) Mint proceeds and Royalties from secondary sales will go to our Buzzy Bee Raffle site to help bring more prizes to holders, supporting the Algorand Ecosystem, and to The Bee Conservancy, the charity we are helping. (Unless the community decides otherwise).

Hives Utility

  • Generate 2 Honey weekly (Listed or Unlisted)

  • Reduces Raffle Bee commission fees by 10% (Up to 50% off with 5 Hives)

  • Help bring in bigger prizes to RaffleBees to be Raffled or Auctioned exclusive to Honey. Fund a DAO. Fund more community tools for RaffleBees

  • More to come...

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